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Đề HS giỏi l9

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Listen to Ryan talking about his life and decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). (10 points)
………..1. He has lived in a foreign country.
………..2. He has worked for a big company.
………..3. He has stayed in an expensive hotel.
………..4. He has flown in a jumbo jet.
………..5. He has cooked a meal for a lot of people.
………..6. He has met a famous person.
………..7. He has seen a play by Shakespeare.
………..8. He has ridden a motorbike.
………..9. He has been to hospital.
………..10. He has won a competition.
B. phonetics:
I. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others (5 points):
1. A. environment
 B. establish
 C. disapointed
 D. minority

 2. A. memorable B. sociable C. emigrate D. equipment
3. A. surprising
B. astonishing
C. amazing
D. interesting

4. A. educate
B. demonstrate
C. modernize
D. guarantee

5. A. competitive
B. creativeness
C. scientific
D. astonish

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words : 5 points
1. A. watched B. naked C. liked D. looked
2.A. baggage
B. courage
C. damage
D. invasion

 3. A. clothes B. matches C. colleges D. churches
4. A beneath B breath C health D breathe
5. A. plumber B. climbing C. embroidery D. comb
C. grammar- vocabulary- LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS
I. Choose the best option a, b,c or d to fill in the blanks( 10 points)
1. One problem for teacher is that each student has his/ her own ________ needs.
A. separate B. divided C. individual D. distinctive
2.Last night,a tornado sweptthrough the village. It_______destroyed everything in its path.
A.was being B.was C. X D.had been.
3. The air of the hills is cooler than…………
A. one of the plains
 B. of the plains
C. that of the plains
 D. the plains

4. The boys …………., have decided to organize a picnic this weekend.
A. five of whom are in my class B. five of them are in my class
C. five them are in my class D. five of them in my class
5. He missed the lecture, so I lent him my notes.............
A. after B. afterwards C. at last D. finally
6. Everybody must take part in ..........................deforestation..
A. protecting B. preserving C. controling D. preventing
7. Can I pay by credit card?
A. Yes, of course
B. Yes, you can
C. Not at all
D. I’m glad

8. To our surprise, Jone ………… the party.
A. turned out B. turned off C. turned over D. turned up
9. Those companies are exploring………….. oil.
A. of B. at C. on D. for
10. I was just ......... to go out when you telephoned.
A. around B. thinking C. about D. planned
II. In each of the following sentences, there is one mistake. Find out and correct the mistake .( 5 points)
1. Either Peter or Mary have left the door unlocked
2. Throughout history, shoes have been worn not only for protection but also decoration.
3. We can’t turn on with our plan if the weather is rainy.
4. One of the best ways to stay healthy are to do exercises every morning.
5. We haven`t received the presents. It might have sent to the wrong address.
6. I can’t imagine live far away from home.
7. Cotton is one of the most popular fiber used to make clothes.
8. His job is quite important to the
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